Pocket Notebook | CHECKLIST | Single or 3-Pack



"The little blank book that will change your life." Our handy little pocket notebook with 50 pages specially formatted to help you track your to do lists, and keep them all organized in one place. Read the story below. Pocket DoJo

You can purchase our PocketDoJo™ Checklist Pocket Notebook in singles or 3-packs. 


Manufacturer Efficiency Supply Co.
Binding 2 Black Staples
Cover Material 100 lb Jet Black Coverstock
Pages 52 (50 numbered + Contents & Endnotes)
Paper Weight
60 lb (89 gsm)
Paper Type
Bright white, opaque, super smooth
Perforated No
Sheet Style Numbered pages formatted for checklists
Size - Depth 0.4 cm / 0.2 inches
Size - Length 14 cm / 5.5 inches
Size - Width 8.9 cm / 3.5 inches
1.5 oz (Single), 4.5 oz (3-Pack)
Origin Made in USA



"The little blank book that will change your life." The Checklist Notebook was our very first notebook product, making its debut on Kickstarter in July, 2016 with our "PocketDoJo" campaign.

What makes our Checklist Notebook especially useful is that it keeps your running master list of action items, and all of your project-specific sub-lists, in one centralized, pocket-portable location—at the ready for review, addition and action. Each Checklist Notebook holds up to 1,000 action items on 50 pages—enough room in one little book for lots of projects and actions. Furthermore, you get the satisfaction of physically thumbing through your Checklist Notebook to see a comprehensive account of all the things you've accomplished. Take my word for it, it's way more effective and gratifying than swiping through lists on your smartphone.

Our Checklist Notebook measures 3.5" by 5.5"—the most common size among popular pocket notebook brands. The notebook is comprised of 52 pages of our luxurious FPF60 paper—60 lb (89 gsm), bright white, opaque, super smooth and fountain-pen-friendly. The cover is heavy-duty 100 lb jet black cover stock.

The notebook starts with a Contents/Index page, and ends with an Endnotes page. All of the 50 bullet list pages in-between are sequentially numbered, and feature our 20-line bullet list format (allowing 1000 bullet entries in each notebook). We include title and date blocks at the top of each page, and our page referencing arrows at the bottom of each page for long lists that continue on multiple and non-sequential pages.

A special sticker sheet is included, with a title block sticker for the outside front cover, a nameplate sticker for the inside front cover to identify the book as yours in case you misplace it, plus color-coded stickers to differentiate multiple notebooks at a glance.

The Checklist Notebook is securely bound with two black staples and finished with rounded corners.