About Efficiency Supply Co.

Efficiency Supply Co. (ESPLYCO) grew out of one man's love of pocket sized notebooks and his frustration with daily to do lists. Inventor, entrepreneur and small business owner Mark Dwight created a dedicated checklist notebook and accompanying pocket notebook wallet to store and organize his running list of action items. The checklist notebook and wallet made their debut on Kickstarter in July, 2016 as "PocketDoJo: The little blank book that will change your life". The success of the PocketDoJo campaign inspired Mark to form Efficiency Supply Co. and to develop more notebook products and accessories to help busy people be more organized and get more done.

To compliment the Checklist Notebook, Mark added Blank and Lined pocket notebooks to the ESPLYCO collection, featuring the same high-quality paper and page layout design features.

In October, 2016, Mark launched his second successful notebook campaign on Kickstarter—the "DotsPlus Super Grid Notebook", featuring Mark's patent-pending grid of dots and crosshairs to facilitate bullet journaling and DIY planner layouts.

Stay tuned for more exciting projects and products!

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